PN nytt nr 66  2019

Hej alla Nepal vänner!
Här kommer föreningens sommarbrev.

Jubileumsåret 2019
På det senaste styrelsemötet beslutade vi att till hösten uppmärksamma vårt 20-års jubileum. Mer om detta kommer till hösten.

Tankeborgs fredsfest
Tankeborgen Svartlå Fria skola anordnade sin traditionsenliga fredsfest och överskottet
5 723 kr skänkte skolan till föreningen och fadderskolan. Från styrelsen vill vi tacka skolan
för gåvan.

Rapport från Fadderskolan Asphodel Public School
Från föreningen har vi ställt några frågor till Biva där vi ber henne teckna en bild över situationen i Nepal, Kathmandu och vid fadderskolan.
Med detta sommarbrev önskar vi från styrelsen en fortsatt trevlig semester.
/Styrelsen Projekt Nepal

Report from Nepal and Asphodel Public school, July 2019
Dear Brothers and sisters lots of love , Namaste & big hugs .

We heartily appreciation you along your family & Project Nepal Family for you continuous love , help , sympathy, support & kind Co -operation.Due to which the school is now running on 20th year

 Actually the Government is made by the two third majority of political parties of two communist party’s.
Increased taxes high not so much remarkable development & achievements have seen mostly parties helping hands are getting benefitted not for country.

KathmanduCity is getting more crowded & polluted day by day ,almost going to loose it’s beauty & history.Still the historical tower, Temples & monuments & ponds are not reconstructed yet by Government which are destroyed by earth quack.

We are trying our best as much as we can in the case of school.
Still we are energetic because of all of yours love, help, support,sympathy & kind co-operation continuously, in fact this school has become very important part of our lives now so always thinking of how to make it more improved & sustainable itself.
on 20 th year we got permission to run 11 & 12 class which is a big achievement even it is a troublesome & challenging.Many schools around here have still not getting permission .
After earthquake our students number decreased, but from last year students number has increased slightly.

Nowadays parents & guardians have started to give positive remarks to the school that one of the best school in this area even if we have still some enemies .
From last year We have started to pay more attention in physical get up of the school so did some updating

Reconstruction in ground as the students always demanding to play because we do-not have enough space for them to play also we have put the plastic trust on the top floor of the school because in rainy season it was quite hard for students & teachers to run classes .
Also have started Montessori Based PG & Kinder garden & more facilities & games to the higher classes.

We  heartily aim to make this school one of the best school for all types of students specially needy & underprivileged by making itself sustainable having its own building so that no need to worry for monthly house rent tension & torcher of ever month .

 After getting permission of 11 & 12 the school can be upgraded up to Bachelors  and Masters degrees if we could keep on adding required facilities  like modern educational devices & qualified teachers.
We don’t have any demands we just heartily pray to you all who gave new life like God to the school that if luckily could find any donors please think of make it self sustainable so that no need to move from place to place & loose students.
Could give more & more education to the needy & underprivileged students specially.

 The Academic school year for a student goes like this
School starts from the middle of the April this year and ends to the middle of the April next year.
School have  four terminal exams and two unit tests,different long & short holidays like summer, winter , festivals & authorized holidays falls
In between four terms.
A student has to pass the final term  exam to upgrade the upper class.
This year we have total  35teachers
8 non teaching staffs
385 students
Out of that 62 Project Nepal scholarship &70 are free from school others pay full & some discounts.
We run coaching classes also-for class 9 and10.
According to the demand coaching classes are running in  different classes.
We have 38 students at hostel.

From some months ago again this land winter has started to say that they are interested to sell this land again another problem is started.
Our Japan trip went well & some friends supported personally some amount & some has shown hope .
One couple donated 1500$/- (university teachers)and the other supported 500$/-(school Teachers)
Still there are no one like Project Nepal Family to love & care school.
Let’s be hopeful for future .

Still we have not become able to manage the money for school bus .The money which we got by selling is with us . Van-is carrying children in 2 to 3 trips daily which is lost of fuel money.we are looking for second hand bus for school which could be cheaper than new one.Bus would be easier cause could carry many at once.
My brother is Also supporting continuously every month he sends 1000$.
This is how the outline of school look like .

Management of Asphodel Public school, Biva and Birendra Schrestra